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Attention Alter Guild Members

As an Altar Guild member you have a lot of responsibilities. We'd like to take a moment of your time to introduce you and your members to our company, Theiss Plating Corporation of St. Louis and to explain how we can help you accomplish some of those tasks by helping you maintain, restore and beautify your church's altar ware and other fine metal articles.

For 63 years we have provided the finest restoration and refinishing services for hardware, lighting and fine silver and have made a specialty of helping churches throughout the Midwest preserve and restore the beauty of their liturgical metal ware. We would be grateful for a chance to
help you enhance the beauty of your services and restore the brilliance that may be lacking from your church's metal ware.

Whether it's the dull, weathered door hardware that may greet your congregation to the worn and tarnished altar candlesticks, crosses, chalices, communion ware, even tabernacles...Years of use can degrade the appearance and condition of these precious articles. The task of restoring them may seem daunting and the price of replacing them is prohibitive.

Our craftsmen can solve these problems for you and return your altar ware to like new brilliance. We offer fast turnaround and the best prices in the country. Feel free to email any questions and we'll be happy to answer them.

“I was truly amazed at the beauty of your work. My goal is to glorify God and beautify the chancel of my church...Words cannot express my gratitude to you and I will gladly recommend you to others.”
~ Maria G, Wisconsin