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Should I refinish that antique or will it hurt the value?

This is a question we hear often from people who have an older piece in badly tarnished or corroded condition. They are fond of the item and would like to see it brought to a condition that can be used or displayed but fear they may somehow cause the “antique value” of the piece to be reduced if the original patina is lost.

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What is Tarnish?

Anyone who is familiar with the appearance of the brass or silver metal ware in their homes or churches, especially those tasked with the maintenance or upkeep of those items, is familiar with the phenomenon of tarnish.

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We Can Help You Beautify Your Synagogue

We'd like to take a moment of your time to introduce you to our company, Theiss Plating Corporation of St. Louis, and explain how we can help you beautify your synagogue and services.

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Attention Altar Guild Members

As an Altar Guild member you have a lot of responsibilities. We'd like to take a moment of your time to introduce you and your members to our company, Theiss Plating Corporation of St. Louis and to explain how we can help you accomplish some of those tasks by helping you maintain, restore and beautify your church's altar ware and other fine metal articles.

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Restoring Churchware - Old vs. New

The question of whether to replace your church's old, worn altar ware with new pieces can be a challenging choice. After years of use, plating can wear thin, brass, bronze or silver can tarnish dark and dull and dents and dings can accumulate. Candlesticks, crosses and vases are generally lacquered and worn or peeling lacquer becomes unsightly and impossible to clean.  When the vessel or altar piece is too bad to respond to normal hand cleaning or polishing many churches will simply stop using the piece, feel they must invest substantial money into a replacement, or resort to ..."unconventional" efforts to conceal the damage.

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Easter Restoration Special Save 15%

One of the most common problems we see in liturgical pieces is corrosion pitting in the bottom of chalice cups and on communion plates holding wine cups. The acids in the wine are highly corrosive to metal finishes. Silver and even gold plating can be etched and the acid will eventually create pinholes in the plating, allowing it to eat into the brass or bronze base metal of the vessel. This causes the characteristic pitting and roughness in the bottom of the bowl. Droplets of wine spilled or spattered onto the communion trays will also cause pitting.


Good Day! Tom Theiss introduces Theiss Plating to local Catholic Congregations

I'd like to ask you for a moment of your time to introduce you to our company, Theiss Plating Corporation in St. Louis. For 63 years, we have provided the finest restoration and refinishing services for hardware and lighting fixtures and have made a specialty of working with many churches in St. Louis and throughout the Midwest to restore and preserve the beauty of their liturgical metalware.

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