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Our History
Robert T. Theiss

For over 60 years Theiss Plating Corp of St. Louis has provided superior restoration services for door, cabinet and window hardware, lamps and lighting fixtures, faucets and plumbing hardware, fine silver, antiques and more. Most any piece of metalwork in your home can be restored to its original brilliance or the finish can be changed for a dramatic new look as your decor changes.

Theiss Plating Corp was founded by Robert Theiss, Sr in 1950. His relentless work ethic and insistence on doing the finest quality work for the best price possible led to a hard earned reputation for excellence in his craft. He was driven to provide the highest value in his service and summed it up as "Doing two dollars of work for a dollar." A demanding perfectionist, he drilled into his staff the idea that "Nothing is ever good enough." Each day we work to carry on that attitude.

Whether helping to restore many of St.Louis' historic private homes or assisting in the renovation of the Missouri Governor's mansion in Jefferson City the Theiss name became known all over St.Louis for top quality work and willingness to take on the most demanding projects, often finding ways to do things no other shop could.

Today Theiss Plating remains a true family business as Robert's two sons, Tom and Rob, with a combined 54 years of experience, head up a team of experienced craftsmen dedicated to restoring brilliant life to your dull, weathered metalwork . From whole house restoration to a simple front door knocker, Theiss Plating can make the old look like new again.

Theiss Plating Corporation, a Tradition of Excellence for Over 60 Years.

"Always do two dollars worth of work for every dollar you charge."

The Process

Equal parts artistry and technical expertise, this labor intensive craft involves far more than most people realize. Even the refinishing of a door handle requires 5 or more steps in a process that will see it transform from a dark, weathered dull brown to a gleaming polished brass or lustrous satin nickel finish.

Each item, whether a simple door handle or a large complex chandelier with dozens of individual parts, is first completely disassembled down to the last nut and bolt. Each piece, large or small, will be handled individually. The existing finish, old lacquer, tarnish, rust and corrosion will be cleaned and stripped to the bare metal. Each piece will receive a thorough polishing to remove as much pitting as possible to prepare the base metal for plating in a bright or brushed satin texture. After polishing the parts are inspected and cleaned before undergoing electroplating to apply up to three different layers of plated metal in brass, bronze, copper, nickel, silver or 24kt gold.

After plating the parts receive a final buffing to bring out the color of the metal. Antiqued finishes are oxidized dark first and then carefully highlighted to reveal depth and texture of the part. Another cleaning follows, then a final protective clear lacquer is applied, if the customer desires, which can prevent tarnishing for many years with no further care.

Technicians will then carefully reassemble the item piece by piece. All lighting fixtures and lamps are rewired with new cords and internal wiring and new sockets where applicable so the fixture is just like new when the customer receives it back.

Bent, dented or broken items can be repaired and often missing parts can be fashioned or rebuilt from scratch.

Our portfolio of custom-built projects includes lighting fixtures, hardware, iron tables, range hoods, fireplace fender-benches...even a massive copper & sterling silver Bud Bowl trophy for Anheuser Busch...All built from scratch entirely by hand.